Welcome To PlanetYX

DoberMotoman NFT Collection

PlanetYX is a unique space (planet) in the metaverse with its own lore. The first collection of DoberMotoman has 2,222 unique hand-drawn characters and will go live on Cardano Blockchain. The next collections will be released soon to fill the PlanetYX universe.

About the NFT Project

Vision & Utility 

Every holder of DoberMotoman NFTs will have voting rights on further collections, utilities, and the development of the project.

Holders of 5+ DoberMotomans will have a right to mint all of the upcoming collections first for dust only ( 4 ADA). That also includes the land sales. This approximately results in 4% of the new collection being witheld to original holders.

Every owner of 1+ DoberMotoman will be whitelisted for every new sale.

New collections with different unique characters, styles and types of art that play an important role in PlanetYX universe are going to be released 45-90 days apart.4

3D Models and Play-to-Earn

Every DoberMotoman is going to become a 3D playable character of a play-to-earn racing game. It will be a fair PvP game where the most skilled player wins it all. There will be features such as garages, custom built trucks, betting on characters, and paying for tickets to watch live competitions.

Utilities, such as motorcycles, weapons, clothes, etc. will be given to every DoberMotoman at the minimal mint price (4 ADA) to develop the NFT further and fuse it into a 3D gaming model.

222 of NFTs will be withheld from the market, and it will be the property of DoberMotoman holders. Each one of 222 assets will be a subject of approval of governance of original holders. There will be assets that will be used for giveaways, blogger outreach, contest winners, or anything that will benefit our community. Only one asset can be given away per person.

About the Artists

Artists From Around The World

We will bring different artists for different collections. We have many extremely talented artists who are known in their community but not famous online yet. Our mission is to find artists like that and collaborate with them.


Item size

15 FEB, 2022


DoberMotoman Planetyx NFT On Cardano

We Are Going To Experiment

NFT, along with blockchain, are relatively new technologies, and we want to benefit from that. We will implement staking rewards, DeFi Yield farming, fusing, play-to-earn game; collaborate with other projects (this idea is groundbreaking in the metaverse). Any new concept that will be introduced in our NFT space will be first submitted to voting and implemented only if the members of the community will be able to benefit from it.


Q4 2021

  • Release of the first collection of DoberMotomans
  • CNFT Listing
  • Rarity
  • Secure website
  • Lore
  • Community development and role distribution (discord)
  • Social media (Twitter, Youtube)
  • Giveaways
  • Marketing (outreach) and PR strategy
  • MINT
  • Giveaways (if necessary and approved to governance)
  • Team expansion (artists, game developers, marketing team)

Q2 2022

  • Token for Yield farming
  • Marketing (outreach) and PR strategy.
  • Beta tests for the game and further development
  • Release of the third collection with different characters
  • Accessories collection (weapons)
  • Outreach for collaboration with other NFT projects

Q1 2022

  • Release of the second collection with different characters
  • Accessories collection (Flytors)
  • Fusing tests
  • 3D collection
  • Marketing (outreach) and PR strategy
  • Beginning of the development of play-to-earn game

Q3 2022

  • Marketing
  • Further game development, beta tests, and launch
  • New characters collections
  • New accessories collections
  • Team expansion
  • New features implemented (based on voting)
  • More collaborations
I want to make PlanetYX a long-term project that will impact many people. I know that nowadays nothing lasts long but I believe that this project can grow and evolve, and there will be no limits for it. We are creating our own planet in the metaverse and we get to decide what it is going to be like. I believe that we will be able to create something beautiful that will last and maybe even our kids will appreciate what we’ve done.

Stay Tuned And Participate In Giveaways?


Is there a chance this might be a rugpull?

No, we believe in this project and that it’s going to do well. We are still early for the main crypto adoption, and doing a rugpull is like killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. 

Why is the community not big yet? 

We have just created a discord and Twitter account, so it’s only natural to have a small number of followers at this point. We are not going to buy fake followers and fake members. We are building a community, not the bot farm.

How is the minting process going to go?

Our mission here is to find as many unique owners as possible to avoid big price fluctuations. We are going to start engaging with our community members, create an early adopters list and white lists. These groups will be able to mint first, which will be done through the raffling system. 

Why are there so many utilities in this project?

We believe that NFT can be more than just profile pictures (nothing wrong with that though). But it’s amazing to see how this industry is evolving. Many projects have already shown that utilities can benefit holders and help projects grow and evolve endlessly.

Which wallets will be supported?

Yoroi, Daedalus, Nami or Adalite. Do not send ADA from an exchange.

What kind of game should we expect?

It’s going to be a 3D racing play-to-earn game. It will feature motorcycle-type vehicles and other unique transportation options. Players will be able to race against each other, beat the records of other players, and bet on players. Eventually, there will be a full planet with different characters, racing equipment, different parts, and artifacts. There will also be custom built racing trucks and organized competitions. The game will have its own in-game currency which will be used as fuel for “motorcycles”. The game and other assets will be delivered in parts. The game will be built on Unreal Engine or Unity.

DoberMotoman Background Story: Part 1​

We don’t know much about our universe and our planet yet but we do know for a fact that we didn’t evolve here on PlanetYX the same way as humans did on Earth. We learned a lot of our background from the journals of Dr. Suichini.

This planet was one of his experiments. After his medical license was revoked on Earth, he did not think twice and left his home planet with a team of scientists and mercenaries to continue his life’s work. Dr. Suichini chose PlanetYX to be his new home because it was one of the hidden planets outside the black hole that he accidentally discovered during his space travels in his teenage years. He focused on creating a “humanizer” serum that would restructure both brain and body of the animals to make them more human-like. Years of research showed that we, male dobermans, were the best candidates for the serum.

Dr. Suichini wanted to give a better life to animals, hoping that they would evolve and become part of the society on this planet. At the time, many animals from Earth were not treated equally on other planets, and some were even being eaten. He hoped that the serum could change that.

After many failures, Dr. Suichini finally succeeded in his experiment. During the course of the experiment, hundreds of thousands species died, tens of thousands were sold on a black market all over the galaxy as smart pets that didn’t have any rights. They were given drugs to suppress their personalities and, overall, lived pointless lives. Dr. Suichini didn’t like to see that happen, but he couldn’t do anything about it, because that was the deal he made with his investors.

Dr. Suichini working on PlanetYX NFT PROJECT CARDANO

Meanwhile, he taught some of the Dobermans how to read, count and ride flytors. The Dobermans, however, were not happy and soon realized that humans didn’t have their best interests at heart. They didn’t believe Dr. Suichini when he told them that their families died of the dangerous virus, and soon figured out the truth. It made them angry and they started looking for ways to get out.

PlanetYX DoberMoto Man NFT On Cardano

Dobermans finally got their chance to escape the labs during the earthquake when the power went out and all the electric fences got unlocked. They attacked the staff and every human was killed. Dr. Suichini commited suicide by drinking poison, but before he erased all the data from the computers. All that was left were his personal journals.

What happened to us, Dobermans? We fought and eventually we won that war. We survived, but all the painful memories are still here, and we only feel free from them when we ride.

It’s been a few years, and life on PlanetYX went back to normal again. The serum humanized us, making us smarter and wiser. It’s hard to learn though, as there are no books on our planet. But somehow many of us managed to evolve: we learned how to work, we rode the Flytors, and we made mistakes and learned from them. We feel almost human now, but when we ride and the adrenaline kicks in, our animal instincts overcome our personalities, and it reminds us of who we really are.

To be continued…